Hey all,

 Thank you for checking out my page! I wanted to tell you a little about myself.
I am beauty obsessed girl who loves talking about anything beauty! From skin care to fashion, I love it so much that I dedicated my life and my career to it.
My mom was a big influence on me growing up. She started her own small salon, when I was one. I literally grew up in an environment surrounded by women who wanted to look beautiful and my mom who helped them make them feel happy about themselves.
After finishing  graduate school I wanted to learn what my mom did for years. So, I started as a manager for her salons. It was win-win situation for both of us. I wanted to learn and my mom needed a devoted manager. I was the perfect fit! It was a great way of understanding the beauty industry that looks all nice and shiny from outside, but requires actual effort and hard work.
My mom and I expanded the business from one to 3 salons in one year. During that time, I also took beauty and makeup courses to learn the basics. I loved working with my mom, learning about makeup and the industry, and I did it for five years.
One day I fell in love with a man who is now my husband, and I moved to San Francisco from India in 2014. Since coming to the United States, I enrolled myself in beauty school and took more advanced classes to learn more about how to provide better skin care. I loved doing makeup for people, most of which I learned from my mom. And now, I hope to continue that passion here!