Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


Hey guys!

I’m reviewing this product I tried a couple of months back! I know a lot of you wanted to know if the fenty beauty pro filt’r soft matte longwear foundation was worth!


i got the foundation at the store bc i believe in trying and matching the color instead of just getting it online. you never know with the getting things like foundations, concealers, even lipstick if they will match or look good on your face. not only that but what if you don’t like the texture? yeah you can exchange it but i am that person who wants to get it right the first time, besides I’m not a firm believer of returning things. maybe thats bc i grew up in India and in india you don’t get to return stuff, isn’t that just sad. :/

Anyway, getting back to the product, i loved how it had a lot of color options not just that but also the undertones.:) I chose 330, that is for tan skin. its funny how drastically different it from 340, is what i chose for my mom. here’s the difference my skin is tan with acne spots and is combination with more oily parts than dry, the 330 with yellow undertone worked perfectly for me. i loved the matte finish and  it felt very light in texture. the coverage coverage was good but i wont say it was great coverage compared to a lot of other foundations iv used. but again those foundations feel super heavy and caked. the Fenty beauty by Rihanna soft matte foundation has good amount of pigment so didn’t need a lot of it, but when i did add a few more drops on my beauty blender i got a good amount of coverage.  i paired it with the cover fx mattifying primer and it was great still did not feel cakey.. For my mom her skin is maybe a shade darker than mine and has great texture, but she has un even skin tone meaning dark pigmentation spots. only a drop of the 340 was great with the pink undertone on a foundation brush,  gave her a flawless finish. her skin is a bit dryer so we used the hourglass primer serum. even though the foundation has a soft matte finish, her skin looked stain like which was great.  another nice thing about this foundation is as the name suggests it  is a longwear foundation, with the oil primer it didn’t last as long as it did without but it still looked pretty amazing for at least 5 hours. 🙂 I’m sure if I got the Fenty beauty  instant retouch primer it would maybe last even longer but i already have a lot of primers and in the end of the day i believe they all do the same thing. 😛

All in all i would say its a wonderful foundation iv tried a lot of foundations and this one in particular seems has a good balance of good coverage and great texture. perfect foundation for someone who is looking for sheer to medium coverage, matte finish and light feel.

Its a Yay!

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